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Mission Statement

Ballysally Nursery School 

Mission Statement 


Ballysally Nursery School is committed to providing a caring, stimulating learning environment wherein every member of staff will be encouraged to develop the potential of the whole child.  We believe that this can best be achieved through a dedicated team of teachers and assistants working together constructively towards a shared vision.


it is our aim to develop links with parents in order that a genuine desire for high standards of attitude and behaviour is valued by all staff, pupils and parents. 


In preparation for later life we are convinced that children should have good moral standards, a wealth of knowledge and essential social skills including self-confidence and independence.  We feel that Ballysally Nursery School will be a positive influence on developing the potential of all the children in our care.  


Our vision would be that Ballysally nursery School is perceived as the best nursery for each and every child who attends regardless of race, creed, colour or ability.  A nursery school which will encourage respect, tolerance, understanding and inclusion.  

  • Opening Hours
  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 1:30 pm