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Pattern of the Day


Time Activity                                 

Doors open, children hang own coat and select their unique symbol for registration.

Children attend morning circle in their allocated small groups.

After morning circle, children filter to self-chosen free play opportunities.

During this period a buffet style snack is available to all children. 



All children engage in tidy routine taking responsibility for the environment and the resources.



Children begin to filter out to put on their own coats and wellington boots before going outdoors to play.  if a child chooses not to go outdoors one playroom will remain open.     



After tidying outdoor resources, children begin to filter indoors and proceed to toilet routine before joining their peers in the story room for story, song and rhyme time. 



Dinner Routine - All children find their unique symbol at the table and sit down ready for dinner.

Meals are served at the table by the adult. Packed lunches cannot be managed due to the high incidents of allergies affecting some children.   



Music & Movement - while the room is cleared and prepared for table top time the children engage is music and movement activities either indoors or outdoors.  



Table Top Time - children choose where to play supported by an adult.  At this time small group activities will be organised for specific learning intentions



Doors open and parents are welcome to enter the room to help their child complete their activities and help them tidy resources before leaving for home.  



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  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 1:30 pm